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What is special about Arganability argan oil ?

Arganability is built on a dual purpose.

The first one is to provide the highest quality of pure and organic argan oil of Morocco in order to help you naturally take care of your health and beauty. The texture, color, aroma and effects of our oil speak for themselves. We also want to offer you the best services and experience : 

- Risk free trial that allows you to get a refund if you are not satisfied with our oil or don't see any positive effects after 30 days.

- Fast shipping available to USA and Canada, free on orders above $ 100.

- Points and rewards program that allows you to get exclusive discounts and free items.

- Resources to provide you information related to Argan, related sustainability and other topics.

The other purpose is to contribute to sustainability with your support by :

- Providing you an effective natural multi-tasker and contributing to the reduction of the cosmetics industry's harmful impact on our planet.

- Partnering with Fair Trade certified cooperatives led by indigineous Berber women in Morocco, ensuring their empowerment, the socio-economic development of underdeveloped rural areas in Morocco, and the careful exploitation of the UNESCO protected argan tree. We are also completly transparent about our partner and supplier (more details in the questions below).

- Ensuring sustainable practices through all our operations and actions, such as our ecofriendly packaging, our shipping carbon offsetting, and our charity program to support the argan communities and ecosystem.  

How can I know that Arganability oil is high quality and 100% pure ?

The purity and quality of our argan oil can be recognized by its color, texture, smell and effect.
100% pure cosmetic argan oil has a light golden yellow color, not dark or too transparent (not to be confused with culinary argan oil which has a golden brown color). Its texture is non-sticky and quickly absorbing into the skin after few minutes. It should have a subtle nutty scent that disappears quickly upon contact with the skin. Finally, pure and high quality argan oil positive results should be immediate and at the same time improving over time. Skin hydration and hair soothing effects should be instantly observed, while other benefits may take a little longer to appear (more details in the questions below). 

Why is Arganability oil high quality ?

The high quality of Arganability argan oil is guaranteed by the way it is harvested, processed and bottled, in order to  preserve all its natural properties and benefits. 
- Our sourcing from Fair Trade certified cooperatives ensures that argan oil is harvested and processed in the best way to guarantee its quality while preserving the Argan tree. The argan fruits are collected by the cooperatives' women when they reach their maturity and naturally fall from the trees. They are not cut from the trees, or collected after being spit by goats that climb the tree and eat the fruit, which are two frequently employed methods by other producers that lead to exploiting a non-mature fruit and can give a goaty smell to the oil for the latter method. 
- Once collected, the argan fruits are dried in the sun, pulped to separate the dry pulpe from the nut, then cracked by the hands of the cooperatives women to obtain the kernels.
- Afterwards, they are cold-pressed through a modern machine, which is another element ensuring the high quality of our argan oil. Some producers use higher temperature to  extract more oil and sell it at a competitive price, but this causes the lost of argan's natural properties. On the other side, using a modern machine is best to meet safety hygiene requirements, which are not guaranteed by the use of traditionnal grind machines, and may also leave residue in the oil.
- It is then filtered and bottled in its pure state, without adding any ingredients, preservatives or fragrances.
- Finally, our amber glass bottle also ensures the high quality of our argan oil, protecting it from harmful UV rays to preserve its natural properties.

For which hair and skin types should I use it ?

Pure cosmetic argan oil is perfect for all types of skin and hair. 

When should I start seeing results ?

It depends on the different benefits of argan oil. Skin hydration and hair soothing effects can be immediately observed within few minutes of applying argan oil. To start seeing more benefits on the condition and health of the hair, skin or cuticles, it usually takes around four weeks of continuous use.

How can I be sure that Arganability argan oil is really organic and sourced from Fair Trade certified cooperatives ?

Arganability is among the rare if not the only argan oil brand that provides full transparency on its supply chain to give clear visibility to our customers on the origin of our oil and allow them to verify our claims. We source our argan oil from our partner GIE Targanine, which is an Economic Interest Grouping composed of 6 women-led cooperatives, certified Fair Trade, USDA Organic and Ecocert. This makes us a partner of the only Fair Trade certified cooperatives in the region. 

What is the value of Arganability ?

There is no doubt that the biggest value created is from the women-led cooperatives in Morocco that harvest and produce argan oil. However, these cooperatives are not able to handle the logistics and sales effort needed for retail distribution at an international level. If consumers overseas want to purchase directly from these cooperative for personal use, assuming they have a trusted contact person to provide high quality argan oil, shipping fees get extremely high and take a long time to arrive to their door.

So the value of Arganability is mainly to : 

- Guarantee high quality and pure argan oil thanks to our trusted partnership with the Fair Trade certified cooperatives. 

- Ensure non expensive and fast shipping to customers in USA and Canada, while doing the best possible to reduce the impact of logistics on the environment.

- Provide an appropriate packaging to preserve the natural properties of argan during its lifecyle and protect the bottle during transit, while ensuring its eco-friendliness with biodegradable and recyclable material.

- Market the product and educate consumers on argan and related sustainability.

- Support Fair Trade cooperatives by placing larger wholesale orders, and contribute further to the development of these cooperatives and their rural areas as well as the protection of the Argan tree through our charity actions. 

How can I collect points and receive rewards ?

We offer a reward program that allows you to collect points and receive exclusive deals and free items. Begin earning points by signing up for an account, shopping, referring friends, sharing a review, subscribing to our newsletter and much more ! 

Is it safe for people with allergies ?

Cosmetic argan oil is derived from tree nuts, but it it is not on the list of the priority allergens. It has not been proven that cosmetic argan oil systematically causes allergic reaction for people with tree nut allergies. However, it is advised that people with tree nut allergies consult their doctor or test a small quantity of argan oil on some parts of their skin before extensively using it.  If they notice rashes and itchiness on their skin, they should stop using it.

Does it have an expiry date ?

Pure and cold-pressed cosmetic argan oil has a long shelf life ranging from 2 to 3 years starting from the date of its production. Arganability argan oil in stock is usually of the last quarter production which ensure its freshness.

We indicate though a 12 month expiry period on the bottle to ensure that you use the bottle within 12 months from the time you open it, as the properties of the argan oil may be altered by the way you keep the bottle at your home. We recommend always keeping the bottle well sealed in a cool and dry place not exposed to sunlight to preserve argan oil properties. 

Which countries do you ship to ?

Currently, we are shipping to USA and Canada. We will soon expand to other countries. Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know ! 
When should I expect to receive my Arganability argan oil ?

It depends on your location and the shipping option you chose. Shipping within Canada usually takes between XX to YY business days, while shipping to US takes between XX to YY days. You can see more accurate shipping details during checkout. 

What should I do if my product is damaged upon arrival ?

We sincerlely apologize if you received a damaged item ! Breakage can happen during transit. Any damage upon delivery is covered under our terms of warranty. To get a free replacement, please contact us by email within 24 hours of receiving your order, attaching a picture of the damaged item. After the 24 hours period, we are unable to honor a warranty claim.

What happens if I am not satisfied after using the product ?

We offer a 30-day risk free trial which allows first time customers to get a free refund if they don't like the quality of our argan oil or if they don't see positive results after few weeks of regular use. Please check our Terms and Conditions for more detailed information.

Q1: How can I pay for my order?

We accept credit card, cheque, bank or wire transfers as forms of payment. Please note that we pass on bank charges for wire transfer fees which will be added to your invoice ($15). This is in addition to the standard $20 handling fee.  

Q2: What credit cards do you accept?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover card.

Q3: What currency are your prices listed in?

All prices are quoted in USD unless you are located in Canada, where prices are listed in CAD, the currency will automatically change from USD to CAD.

Q4: What are your payment terms?

Our terms of payment are net 30 days, unless otherwise specified. Pre-payment may be required prior for shipping to certain locations.

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